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Friday, 7 December 2012

Appraisal Management Software

Appraisal Module 
Payroll Software Offers 360° feedback tracking leads to dramatically more useful and actionable feedback for the appraisal, with resultant hugely enhanced behaviour and Performance improvement.
Rating Master
Define rating with value. Rating with the maximum will be considered the highest rating.

Goal Master
Define master for all goals in the organization with start and end date.

Appraisal General Setting
Decide appraisal for employees; in how many months appraisal of employees having basic salary greater than the decided should be invoked. Admin can decide performance question for employee and his/her supervisor separately.

Skill General Setting
Admin can decide rating for each skill (obtained from skill master) and minimum and maximum rate (obtained from rate master).

Assign Goal
Assign goal (from goal master) to employee/s with start date and end date of completion of goal.

Employee Skill Rating
Rate the employee’s skill which would be helpful while giving appraisal.

Initiate Appraisal Here all employees whose appraisal has to be done will be displayed. If any additional employee needs to given appraisal he/she can be added to the appraisal list. Appraisal notification will be sent to employee and his/her supervisor. Employee and supervisor can fill the question details assigned to them (ref 4.3.3) to check their performance. 

Appraisal ApprovalAdmin can check the feedback/score of employee for appraisal and decide the amount to be given as increment.


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