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Friday, 7 December 2012

Desktop Payroll Feature Overview


Feature Overview
Web Payroll eHRfunctionality: Which is a browser based application that automates processes covering the entire employee life-cycle: Résumé handling, Induction and on-boarding, promotions, transfers, appraisals and salaries, skills mapping and training.

Web Payroll Employee Self Service Portal:A Unified Interface for all Employees for Self Service related activities Applying for Leave, Applying for Leave, Viewing the Training .It is a place for the top management to communicate directly with the employees, publishing Holidays of the month, Birthday and Seasonal Greetings, Get opinions from the Employees access mail. Send messages to others.
Web PayrollTime & Attendance :Reduce pay corrections by automating time collection and enforcing rules and Apply defined calculation rules for overtime, stat pay and shift differentials and Review Work Sheet of each employee as per project and work type. Also get reports of CTC as per Employee or Project 
Our portals stitch together all elements that are important for your organization and present them with such
Ease of navigation and simplicity of user-interface that creating a buy-in from the users is never a problem.

Save time and money by reducing your employee presence management administration, lowering your operating costs and get accurate web payroll.

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Functionality Key Modules
¨       Employee Information Management
¨       Leave Management System
¨       Time Management System
¨       Payroll Management System
¨       HRD Procedures
¨       Reimbursement Management
¨       Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments
¨       Project And Job Work Detail Management
¨       Employee Self Service Portal
¨       Email Notification and verification
¨       Reports 

▪    Employee Joining Information.  
▪    Probation Confirmation details.
▪    Employee Profile.  
▪    Employee Current position and job profile.
▪    Family background details.  
▪    Employee Local address and References details.
▪    Employee Emergency address and contact person details.  
▪    Employee Qualification and experience details.
▪    Asset issue to employee.  
▪    Documents submitted by employee.
▪    Employee Immigration information   
▪    Assets given to employee.
▪    Employees NCFM Exam Details.  
▪    Employee Training details.
▪    Employee History   
▪    Holidays Info (Fixed / Non-fixed)

  ▪    User Defined Leave types e.g. PL,SL   
▪    Leave Balance Details
▪    Leave Application
▪    Leave Approvals
▪    Leave rules   
▪    Monthly / Yearly Leave Carry Forward
▪    Indemnity, air ticket 

▪    Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on Duty etc.   
▪    Employee Shift Manage
▪    Overtime Details   
▪    Overtime on Overtime
▪    Manual Attendance done By Employee details   
▪    Monthly / Yearly Leave Carry Forward
▪    Week of Adjustment (employee wise)

       ▪    User defined Salary Heads    
       ▪    Professional Tax Slab
       ▪    Pay slip Generation    
       ▪    Salary formula
       ▪    Create your own Salary Structures    
       ▪    Taxation, form 16,PayE, PF & ESIC ( as per Local region it will vary)
▪    Final Settlement  
▪    Superannuation
▪    Appraisal Process   
▪    New Recruitment
▪    Training Module   
▪    MIS Reporting

        ▪    New Requisition   
▪    Resume collection and Filter
▪    Job Opening  
▪    Interview Process defining
▪    Finalization of Candidate                                   
▪    Confirmation and Offer Letter
▪    To do in out entry  
▪    Event Posting and viewing
▪    Leave Applications  
▪    Leave Status
▪    Loan Applications  
▪    Loan Status
▪    Attendance Regularization  
▪    Change Shift
▪    Claim   
▪    Pay slip 

     ▪    Training Master
▪    Training provider
▪    Notification of trainee  
▪    Approval of Training HR/ HOD
▪    Feedback Trainee and Trainer    

▪    Notification of employee Info update  
▪    Contain Inbox, My messages in user portal
▪    Notification of increment, Leave etc  
▪    Send mail , greeting from user portal
▪    Email salary pay slip  
▪    Remainder for NCFM , Probation


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