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Friday, 7 December 2012

Leave Management Software

Leave Management Software can manage the details of various leaves that company provides. All details pertaining to the leave can be added viz. if leave is paid, encash able , carry forward days, minimum and maximum limit of days that can be assigned in this type of leave.

Leave Details
Grade wise assigning leaves. Multiple leaves can be assigned to single grade and multiple grades can be assigned single leave. The employees of the grade would be only able to enjoy those leaves which have been assigned to their grade.

Leave Opening
Employees can be assigned leave opening days according to the effective date grade wise or leave wise. The number of leaves assigned to employees will be according to the minimum and maximum leave days decided in the leave master.

Leave Application
Employees themselves or employee supervisor/ HR on behalf of employee can apply for leave. Employees will only be benefited with leaves assigned and leaves assigned to them. Employees leave days will reduce according to the leave days and type of leave taken. Employee/s won’t be able to apply for leave if his/her leave balance is zero. Leave application in admin side will show only those whose application status is pending.

Leave Approval
Admin/supervisor/HR can approve/reject pending leave applications with updations wherever required. The status of leave will change to approve/reject accordingly.

Leave Updates
Admin/HR can edit or update those leave which has been already approved. In case employee reduces or increases his leave period. Changes in leave balance will be done automatically.

Leave Cancellation
This module is effective only if employee has applied for leave yet he/she has come to office i.e. his attendance detail shows him/her as present for that day which was supposed to be a holiday. Admin can approve it according to the attendance detail. The leave balance will be rolled back for that number of days.

Leave Carry Forward
Leave can be carried forward for the month or year selected for employee/s.

Leave Encashment
Leave encashment application, which employee has applied from his ESS login. Admin can approve or reject the application.


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