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Friday, 7 December 2012

Training Management Software

Training Module can Identification of training needs and developing skills & competencies of employees is an important part of Talent Management.

Training Master
Create  master  for  all  training  that  organization  commit  /conducts  for  their betterment of their employees or for new joinees.

Training Provider
If training is conducted by external source then the details of the external provided can be entered here.

Training Plan
All details regarding the training to be conducted viz. date, time venue, budget, candidates participating, alert to each participant irrespective of branch, department etc can be decided here.

Training Calendar
Calendar that shows all the upcoming training scheduled.

Training Feedback
Feedback  given  by  the  participants’  supervisor  based  on  their  performance  in training conducted with their performance chart.

Training History
Shows history of all training conducted and score of each participant/s.


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