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Friday, 7 December 2012

Employee Information Management

Employee Information Management

Employee Information Management can manage all details of employee starting from his professional detail, personal details, contact details, Immigration, Experience, Asset, Allowances, and Insurance.

Employee Increment:-
User can Add/View the increment details of all employees working in the organization as well as of employees who have previously worked in the organization.

Employee Transfer / Deputation:-
Transfer and deputation details of employees can be added and viewed from here. The effect of transfer and deputation will be seen in salary generation.

Grade Wise Allowance:-
Either all employees of the grade or few employees can be assigned allowance, multiple allowance of can be assigned to single or multiple employees of a grade. The effect of allowance increment/deduction mode can be in % or major currency that company uses with either increment or deduction type (as per entry in master).

Employee Week Off:-
Employees can be assigned week off individually or multiple according to the search criteria. The effect of week off will be seen in leave and salary modules.
If employee/s is/are not assigned week off then the week off of the branch that they belong to would be considered for further calculation.
If employee/s don’t have both; individual or branch wise week off assigned then the general week off of the company would be considered.

Half Week Off :-
Employees can be assigned half week off and alternative half week off which will be effected in leave and salary calculation.

Employee In/Out :-
Employees In/Out attendance can be obtained automatically from the attendance device, which is integrated with the system. There by giving accurate details of employee attendance time. Admin can add/edit the attendance details of employee in case employee/s forgot to punch onto attendance machine, with proper comments In/Out date and time.
The effect of In/Out entry will be seen in salary generation according to the branch wise setting done for the late or early entry/exit, overtime.

Employee Shift Change :-
Employees are assigned shift in the employee master, but in case if the shift of employee/s changes then it can be done in this module. Temporary shift details can also be assigned to the employee/s.

Employee Warning Details :-
Details of any employee if given warning for misconduct, late coming etc can be added. Warning type will be fetched from the master entry of type of warning.



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